Active Colombian Leggings Slimming - Tripoli

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"Best jean ever....They are absolutely right when they say they push up!! I have a small behind and it did it justice. I have ordered 2 more... The other brands are not the real one..only ARANZA."
— Crystal

Shaping Capri Leggings with elastic neoprene in waist and side panels which moves with your body during any type of workout. Specially designed to increase your body heat in the waist so you can sweat 3 times more in this area





  • 100% quality elastic neoprene in waist and side legs to sweat
  • Medium compression in the abdomen to flatten tummy
  • Supplex in legs to shape and slim legs and thighs
  • Butt lifting effect in the back with special stitching
  • Skinny Capri design


  • Increases your body's natural thermogenic rate
  • Great for detoxifying & promoting perspiration to lose weight faster and cleanse your pores.
  • Instant waist, thigh, and leg compression
  • Instant abdominal compression to smooth waist and back
  • Provides proper core muscle protection and support during exercise

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