Post Partum Butt Lifter Shaper Washington

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"Best jean ever....They are absolutely right when they say they push up!! I have a small behind and it did it justice. I have ordered 2 more... The other brands are not the real one..only ARANZA."
— Crystal

Strapless Body Shaper for a top-to-bottom slimming girdle that molds your entire body and gives you firmness at all times. It adjusts perfectly to your silhouette and makes you look great with any outfit you put on.


  • Instantly drops 2-3 waistline inches.
  • Adds volume and shape to your booty
  • Smooths waist, back and thighs
  • Gives excellent back support
  • Easy wearing and comfortable fit


  • Butt definition and lift system
  • Frontal zipper with internal hooks
  • Adjustable and removable straps

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